Chart of the Week – DFW, one of the most competitive cities!

The publisher for Site Selection magazine just released a report on the most competitive cities globally.  Their approach utilized hard data, augmented by local and new project investments, buttressed by a survey of site selection executives regarding “competitiveness”.  Their goal was to identify “true city competitiveness” by highlighting the top-five cities in a dozen industry sectors.

DFW jumped out with only a quick skim of the executive summary!  Why?  Because we were in the top-five cities across 10 of the 12 industry sectors.  We talk all the time about our region’s diversity and its value.  This is a clear example of how valuable that diversity is as a driver and how it gives us an incredible edge for both organic growth and business relocations – and may partially explain the high level of job gains we have been seeing.  The chart below highlights the industries where DFW scored in the top five.

So with such a strong showing, the next question has to be – who was ahead of us?  Well, only one global / US market beat us with 12 of 12 – that was Dubai.  This emphatically positions DFW as an up-and-coming world city.  Attached is a link to last week’s press release.

Chart of the Week 12.9.15

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