Welcome to the new blog for the JLL Texas Multifamily Capital Markets Group! We are excited to keep everyone informed on the state of the market and up to date news. Please leave any comments for suggestions/improvements/requests for information. Look for daily updates on relevant commercial real estate news!

Jeffrey Price, Managing Director 

Jeff Price

Jeff.Price@am.jll.com – 214.438.6100

Scott LaMontagne, Managing Director 


Scott.LaMontagne@am.jll.com – 512.368.7140

Greg Austin, Managing Director 

Greg Austin_Color_web

Greg.Austin@am.jll.com – 713.888.4028

Chip Nash, Managing Director 

Chip Nash_Color_Web

Chip.Nash@am.jll.com – 713.888.4084

Bradford Takala, Executive Vice President 


Bradford.Takala@am.jll.com – 214.438.6484

William Simmons, Senior Vice President

Bill Simmons

WilliamT.Simmons@am.jll.com – 214.438.6352

Jorg Mast, Senior Vice President 

Jorg Mast

Jorg.Mast@am.jll.com – 214.438.6561

Moses Siller, Senior Vice President 


Moses.Siller@am.jll.com – 210.839.2012

Zar Haro, Senior Vice President


Zar.Haro@am.jll.com – 210.839.2004

Bob Heard, Vice President

BH Headshot

Bob.Heard@am.jll.com  – 713.888.4074

David Fersing, Vice President 

David Fersing

David.Fersing@am.jll.com – 214.438.6176

Alisan Rutland, Associate 

Alisan Rutland

Alisan.Rutland@am.jll.com – 214.438.6434

Michael Gonzalez, Associate 


Michael.Gonzalez@am.jll.com – 512.368.7208

Michael Furrow, Associate 

Michael Furrow

Michael.Furrow@am.jll.com – 512.368.7192

Collins Thompson, Analyst 

Collins Thompson

Collins.Thompson@am.jll.com – 214.438.6534

Joe Dunne – Analyst

Joe Dunne

Joe.Dunne@am.jll.com – 214.438.6509

Harris Hoover – Analyst 

Harris Hoover

Harris.Hoover@am.jll.com – 512.368.7163

Noelle Munoz, Project Coordinator 


Noelle.Munoz@am.jll.com – 512.368.7350

Carissa Maines, Transaction Coordinator 

Carissa Maines

Carissa.Maines@am.jll.com – 214.438.6457

The JLL Texas Multifamily Team

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